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World Senior Games

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World Senior Games runs from: Oct 8-20

The Huntsman World Senior Games was founded in 1987 by Daisy and John Morgan. They wanted a senior type of olympic competion in the area. Numbers have grown since 1987 from a few to thousands flocking to the games every year. The events are held at various sites in the area including the softball complexes, the area high schools and middle schools. "Peace, Health, and Friendship' has been the long standing slogan for the games and really emboddies the games. For two weeks of the year in October over 10,000 athletes from are in the St. George area to compete, most go home afterward, but some stay and find St. George Real Estate in the area and make it there home.

Many athletes come every year for countries all over the world to compete, but in the end they find friendship more than anything their greatest memory they take home from the games. The games really comes down to friends in the pursuit of good health and friendship out to enjoy and love life!

Huntsman World Senior Games
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