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St George Utah History

Although settlers came to Washington County as early as 1852, St. George was settled in 1861. Mormon leader Brigham Young sent a group of pioneers to the far reaching corner of the Territory of Utah to grow cotton and wine grapes and harvest silk for export to the Civil War-torn northern states. Today the cotton fields are gone, the wineries are closed and the silk industry has given way to modern, more prosperous businesses.

St. George, the county’s largest city, lies along interstate 15 with a host of smaller communities that make up Utah’s Dixie. The advantages of the county’s position along one of the nation’s key east-west routes between California and places such as Salt Lake City, Denver and Albuquerque is making Washington County one of the nation’s fastest growing communities. The scenic area not only provides easy access to major markets of the western United States, it has become a destination point for all.

The St. GeorgeZion National Park areas of Washington County were rated among the best communities in the country to retire by Rand McNalley, Prentice Hall, Money and the American Association of Retired People. As a result there was a large amount of construction of new homes in the Washington County area.
The unprecedented growth experienced in the county has not been limited to retirees, however. Young working families joined the migration to Utah’s Dixie to establish one of the most stable and reliable work forces in the nation. They came for the climate, the scenic beauty, the family atmosphere and explosive job opportunities. Much of the growth is due to the area’s competitive construction rates and low crime.

St. George Temple is a beautiful building towering impressively above the rest of St. George. Completed in 1877, its stands as the oldest active Mormon Temple in the world. Non-Mormon visitors are not allowed inside, but may walk its attractive grounds and admire its architecture. The St. George Temple is truly a landmark for this wonderful city. The winter home of Brigham Young sits on a pretty tree-lined street near the center of town. It is an attractive home with a nice yard and white picket fence. It is open for public tours 9 a.m. to sunset.

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