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St George provides a quality education for all.

Dixie State College:

In 1911, the first college was founded which comprised of only one building. It was named the St. George Stake Academy but later took on the name, Dixie College. It is a 4 year college with the new name of Dixie State College. Now it is a full service, comprehensive community college that serves over 7,000 students and covers over 100 acres in St. George.

Dixie State College will soon become a part of the University of Utah, talk has turned into decision and will come in 2009. Dixie State’s ability to offer an excellent academic setting in a warm climate with many social experiences makes Dixie State College the number one choice of Utah community colleges. Small classes, personalized education, affordable cost and warm sunshine makes Dixie unique.

Why Choose Dixie?

Recent statistical surveys indicate that students have attended and graduated from Dixie for the following reasons: Warm Weather, Fun Recreational Activities, Personalized Education, Excellent Academic Assistance, Easy Transfer of Credits, Top Ranked Athletic Programs, Beautiful Scenery!

Washington County School District:

Today Washington County School District provides public education for more than 19,000 students. There are 19 elementary schools, 2 intermediate schools, 4 middle schools and 6 high schools with a seventh to open in the 2008-09 school year. A number of specialty programs are available through the public school system including remedial and gifted programs, health services and an in-school lunch program for elementary students.

Education has always been important to the people of Washington County. Even before homes were built, schools were held in wagon boxes and temporary shelters. The first school was built in Virgin in 1860. Three others soon followed. In 1901, a central school was completed offering two years of high school.

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  1. Commercial Real Estate St. George Says:

    thanks for the update and accurate info on the St. George area schools. This info is very congruent with what I have on the subject as well.

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